Dextronet And The Tale Of Free Bras For Dudes.

This morning, like every other morning, I was looking for a way to become a productive member of society by finding a way to translate my e-mails in todo items.

Since this feature is apparently not needed in Outlook on the Mac since we’re all either designers whose only ToDo item is “Design awesome shit” or programmers whose only ToDo item is “Work on badass FOSS and argue about PHP on Twitter”, I looked elsewhere. Google lead me to Dextronet’s Swift Todo list.

However, before I could check out the features of their product, Dextronet threw their product at me like a desperate salesman. Imagine you are browsing your local BigStore and you’re checking out their selection of finer BigBrand boxer shorts, and a desperate salesman walks up to you. After making eye contact for three seconds – and you can see the crazy – she puts three bras in your cart. You don’t use bras, because you’re of the male persuasion. (Sorry, Tumblr, dudes don’t wear bras, ever.)

You stare at the saleswoman and point in the general area of your crotch and want to say “I have a penis, not boobs”, but she runs off, cackling like a mad woman, screaming “They are free, keep them, I don’t want them anymore.”

Right, context. I was on the website of Dextronet and casually clicked a link to find out more about this app of theirs. Much to my surprise, I landed on a “Thank you for your downloading” page.

Thank you for doing what?! I did no such…

And yet, in the bottom left corner of my browser, a file was downloaded. I was miffed, but I thought “Well, I’m used to installing crap and then removing it after five minutes, i guess…” HEY, WHAT IS THIS?



I’m doing what, now?


An .exe file. The proverbial bra for my very much male Mac.

Dextronet et others, I appreciate that you want to push your bra’s (hehe) on people, but please, please…

  • At least ask me if I want them.
  • Assuming I want them, at least take me to the *right* download page.

No need to make things awkward, Dextronet. But you did.

In case anyone wants to try it for yourself (and why wouldn’t you?), you can try it yourself. Go to this page, and click the very first link.

Oh, and don’t refresh the page. They’ll throw more bras at you.

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