[promo] Save Big On Gdata Internet Security

If you are in the market for an anti-virus solution, then your timing couldn’t be any more perfect. What if told you that you could get Gdata’s Internet Security at a discount, by making clever use of the following things:

  • Currencies and Gdata’s weird-ass “set the price to 30 in the local currency” scheme for the anniversary edition for Gdata Internet Security
  • The fact there’s a discount code you can use: JANDMORE16

Here’s the situation. Gdata is offering it’s Gdata Internet Security suite for an “anniversary price”. Of course, their shop will be so friendly to redirect you to the country of your choice, so you can’t exactly profit from the ordeal. People in the U.K pay £30, whereas people in the U.S pay $30 and people in the E.U pay €30.

That means that people in the U.K are paying on average 1.5x the price of someone in the U.K , for a digital license of their product. All in the name of “celebrating their thirty anniversary”.

My friends over at Ciptor Benelux are selling boxed copies of Gdata Internet Security, but they’ve decided to cut a deal with the best tech blog out there (you’re reading it), for a limited time only (or for as long as their copies last).

For the next month, they’re offering “digital” versions of Gdata Internet Security, which basically comes down to this: You buy a copy of Gdata Internet Security, they just send you the code and toss the box, and you can save money. The stock doesn’t last, they said they’re willing to set aside up to 20 copies – after all, more money = better, right?.

What do I get?

A product code for Gdata Internet Security. The Anniversary edition of this product can be installed up to three PC’s for a year.

Who am I buying it from?

You’ll  be buying the products from Ciptor Benelux, a Belgian specialist in (cyber) security. They’re trying to sell some of their stock to make some room for new products.

Full disclaimer: I’m a share holder in Ciptor Benelux. Go me!

How much do I save?

For the people in the U.S the savings are around $5 since they don’t have to pay VAT on the webshop price (which is in euro only, I’m afraid).

For the people in the U.K the savings are far more spectacular, as you’ll be paying around £24 for a copy.

For other countries… Well, to be honest, I didn’t do the research. You might end up paying more. I looked at the stats and focused on that. 😉

How do I save even more?

By using the coupon code JANDMORE16 on checkout

A few disclaimers

  • I don’t know how long the “supplies” are going to last. They’re also selling boxed copies at the same time, and if they decide to sell the copies they’ve set aside, that’s cool. They need to look after themselves, right?
  • The price is in euros. They told me “the hassle of conversions isn’t worth the time.” Since I’d be the one implementing it, I agree strongly.
  • It might take a day or two before you receive your code. Reason being that it’s a manual process to mail them.
  • There is a known bug with postal codes for people in the U.K. Ignore the “invalid” warning for the time being (since nothing physical will be shipped)
  • The webshop shows prices including VAT by default. You will need to create an account with your (valid) U.S address to see the lower, VAT-free price.

I want. Give me the link

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