Round-up: Joomla 4 Preview Means There’s Hope

We realize we haven’t been on the top of our game lately, so we’ve decided to up the ante with a round-up of news. We’ll be publishing this on the first of every month, in case you’re tired of reading the JCM.

Joomla posted a Joomla 4 preview on the website, and while the video doesn’t quite deliver what you’d want from a video, it holds a promise that warms our heart.

Someone at Joomla is apparently capable of setting a hard deadline, and meeting it. We’d have expected the preview announcement to happen in two months or so. Read more on the front page of

(edit: Fixed link – Link linked to our own site)

In other news, Twitter Troll July Omola announces that’s she’s “dropping the act” and introduces herself as Anna Prilvis, U.S based STS student who had secretly been studying the community for quite some time to write a paper on Open Source leadership. Read her big reveal on her blog

Yireo, Joomla developer pur sang, has finally gotten tired of developing code for Joomla and has decided that it’s time to move on, but not before sharing some words of wisdom, and releasing a plug-in that allows you to make hash tags in Joomla. Because why stop at smileys? Read more

AkeebaBackup is in damage control mode, after yesterday’s incident where a “bunch of core files were deleted from the server”. Much to his shame, the developer discovered that “He might’ve accidentally forgotten to take back-ups. The site is in ruins. , only a blog post stating he’ll “Have to contact Hostdaddy to recover his site” remains.’s leadership has decided to step up against and enforce the code of conduct, even when volunteers haven’t signed the paperwork. In an unprecedented move, they’ve moved to a new forum and have promptly banned users that displayed “unwanted behaviour.” They are using high tech blocking software, that will prevent anyone who’s been banned from even pulling up the page.

Curious if you’re banned? You can try clicking the following link. If the new forum doesn’t open, guess what: You’re not welcome to the party anymore.

And last, but not least: Molajo has finally been released. You just haven’t been paying attention, according to new lead developer Sandra Martasse, French resident and winner of at least one “Women in IT” award.

Haha, no. The last one didn’t happen.


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