Configuring Exchange in Office 365 Small Business

Hey there, fellow admin. Are you struggling with trying to find out how you can change the Exchange settings in Office365? Once you’ve created the inboxes of your co-workers, all Exchange options seen to vanish, right?

That’s because they do. In Office 365 Small Business, the link to the Exchange control panel is hidden by design. This is extra inconvenient if you’ve got an admin account without a license assigned to it. “But why would you want that?” In my case, I’m managing Office365 for a few of our customers, and my “admin” account doesn’t need a mailbox, or Office 2013.

Either way, if you’re looking to find the control panel, try entering the following link

This link will bring you to the config panel for Exchange, where you can configure shared mailboxes, rules, you name it. Microsoft tried to make our lives easier with this “design choice”, but it might have the opposite result, after all.

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