Deleting specific files from your Mac Trash Can

This article explains how to delete specific files from your “Trash Can” in Mac OSX, using the terminal

Did you ever want to delete specific files from your Mac’s trash can? By default, the functionality isnt there. Unlike the Recycle bin on Windows, you either delete everything or nothing using the UI. But there is a workaround. All you need to do, is open the terminal, type literally two letters and you’re almost done.

How to delete specific items in the trash can

Select the items you want to delete (this can be done later on)

Open a terminal window. You can do this either from the dock, or by typing “terminal” in Finder.

In the terminal, type the following command: “rm”

Then, drag the files you want to delete from your trash can to the terminal window. The content of the Terminal will change, and the file names will appear. If all of this sounds like wizardry, just look if you see extra text in the terminal.

Now, hit “Enter”. The files will be removed from your Trash Can.

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