Looking for cheap, affordable USB cables? Here’s a tip.

On monday, the unevitable happened. The micro-USB cable I use to charge my phone finally gave up. I was convinced I had a spare micro-USB cable from my camera. Well, I was wrong. I was already using that cable.

So, I started looking for a replacement, and I discovered that Amazon has a pretty good deal on micro-USB cables. You can get a 6 feet cable for $5,99. They’re Amazon branded, and they can be found here. You can also get a set of two cables, or a 3 feet cable.

They are also offering HDMI cables, which seem to be of good quality. I ordered a few of them a while ago and while cheap, they do their job. Yes, you read that right. A “few cables”. I’ve been hogging cables and equipment for a while. Want an optical audio switch, anyone? No? Either way, you can find the HDMI cables on Amazon as well. They come in a few different sizes.

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