Configure Acymailing to use your Google Apps Account

If you use both Acymailing and Google Apps, and you’ve got a “small” list of subscribers maybe you’re considering to send the mail through your Google Apps account. The advantage is that you’ve got a bigger chance that they’ll actually arrive (contrary to PHPMailer, which in my experince can be shaky on a lot of hosting). Which is your goal, right?


Configuring Acymailing to use Google Apps to send the mails is simple. (Image from Joomla 1.5 but it also applies to other versions). In Acymailing, click “Configuration.”


In the “Mail Configuration” tab, go to “Mail Configuration” area (I know, right?), and click “SMTP Server”.



Under “SMTP Configuration”, configure your server:

  • Server: enter
  • Port: 587
  • Secure Method: TLS
  • Keep alive & Authentication: Yes
  • Username: the full e-mail address of your Google Apps address, e.g
  • Password: The password for your mailbox

Once you’ve saved the settings, you’ll be able to send mails through your Google Apps account. Enjoy!

Acymailing configuration, kies SMTP server

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