Two scripts to configure SSH and create SSH users

Lately, I’ve been working with Tuxlite for a bit. It is, by far, the easiest method of setting up a LAMP or LNMP server. All you need, is a bit of knowledge of command line Linux and you can set up your own server. The scripts take care of 95% of what you need to get up and running which makes Tuxlite awesome.

The missing part

However, Tuxlite is “missing” something which might give new users some head aches. Tuxlite assumes you know how to create users with SSH privileges; which is required when you want to FTP.

I’ve created my own script(s) to solve this problem, which I’ve decided to share with whoever finds them useful. There’s two scripts:

  • sshconfig.ssh : Creates a group, sshusers, and gives it permission to SSH (and thus use SFTP)
  • sshuser.ssh : Creates a user, and ads it to the sshusers group, to give the user SSH permissions. It then runs the Tuxlite script, using the user you just chose.


The script(s) have only been tested under Ubuntu 13.04. They might (or might not) run under other versions which Tuxlite supports.

  1. Put both files in your Tuxlite folder
  2. Run the files, using ./nameofscript
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions

You can download the files in a zip file here.

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