Apple Mail deletes mails – How to fix it.

When you configure a POP account in Apple, and then later login at your web mail account, you might see that mails are deleted from your inbox. Before you scream “hacked”, you should know that the problem might be simpler – the default Apple Mail option is to delete e-mail in your POP account after a week. This post explains how to check / avoid this.

Check your accounts’ configuration

To check whether your Apple Mail is deleting mails from your inbox, do the following:

  • Open Apple Mail
  • Go to Mail > Preferences in the top menu.
  • Select the account you want to check
  • Click the “Advanced” tab to the right.
Open "Advanced Settings" in Apple Mail.
Open “Advanced Settings” in Apple Mail.

By default, Remove copy from server after retrieving a message is enabled. That’s why mail older than a week is removed from your web mail. You can simply uncheck the option, or change the time until deletion to stop it from happening again.

* Keep in mind that you might have post box limits in place. Consult your documentation or I.T department.

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