Akeeba reinvents Joomla Updater with CMS Updater 1.0

Akeeba, of Akeeba Backup fame, have added a new tool to their already expansive library. They’ve recently released Akeeba CMS Updater, which is a “more stable, improved version” of the Joomla Updater which included in core.

The Akeeba CMS Updater comes with a few interesting features. The most notable features are the option to enable automatic updates, and the option to receive an e-mail when an update was performed.

The cherry on the pie is that Akeeba CMS Updater ties in with Akeeba Backup, which means a back-up will be made for an extra update, making 3rd party solutions like Softelicious or Installatron obsolete. These services also offer this three-punch combo (back-up, e-mail, notification), but by using Akeeba CMS Updater instead you remain 100% in control of your own website.

The extension is free (as in free beer, and as in “free to use as you see fit” and can be downloaded from the Akeeba website.

Akeeba CMS Updater is available for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.2. It requires PHP 5.3 or higher

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