SQL Errors after upgrading from PhocaDownload 3.0.0

When you upgrade Phocadownload 3.0.0 to the latest version, SQL errors might appear when you are trying to download a file. The reason is that some table columns are missing. So it’s time to fire up PHPMyAdmin – or your favorite tool to manage MySQL such as Sequel Pro, which we recommend for Mac usres – and run the following query against your database

[code language=”sql”]ALTER TABLE `#__phocadownload` ADD COLUMN `token` char(64) default NULL;
ALTER TABLE `#__phocadownload` ADD COLUMN `tokenhits` int(11) NOT NULL default 0;
Of course, you will want to replace “yourprefix” with the prefix your database is using.

The source of this fix is the Phoca Forum itself.