Automatically delete back-ups with Akeeba

Akeeba is a tool with many features, and even though I use it daily I frequently discover new options – or options I simply forgot about. Last week I was reminded of the Akeeba option to delete older back-ups, under Quota Management. More after the “Read More” break!

Quota Management

You can configure when (and if) Akeeba should remove back-ups in the Quota Management section.

This section allows you to configure when back-ups are removed.
This section allows you to configure when back-ups are removed.

There are three triggers for deleting back-ups. Each have to be activated by enabling the option, by checking the “Enable…” buttons.

  1. You can delete back-ups that are older than a set period (See the green section).
  2. You can delete back-ups when the back-up size total increases a certain size (the yellow section)
  3. The final option is to delete back-ups once you reach a certain number of back-ups.

Although, in general it’s advised to store your back-ups elsewhere, there are many reasons why these features can be useful. By enabling the “Enable Remote File Quotas” option, your quota settings will also apply to your storage location Akeeba has access to, E.G Dropbox or Amazon S3. Setup the option, let Akeeba do the house cleaning for you and sit back and relax!

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