A Milestone for Joomla & More!


A little history lesson about Joomla & More:  About 11 months ago, I “accidentaly” started to blog about Joomla. It’s true!  I had just been confronted with a difficult Joomla problem; that took me what seemed like ages to solve.  I then promised myself that would’nt happen again.  So, in addition to writing an article for our Knowledge Base, I posted the solution on my blog as well; as a reminder.  No-one was visiting that blog anyway, so what damage could it do?

Two weeks or so later, I decided to pay my blog a visit because I got an e-mail by WordPress, asking me to approve a comment.  Taking a look at my stats, I saw that people were actually reading the article I posted!  There and then, I decided to post all my Joomla ‘solutions’ online.  If not for the public, then for my own sake. 

It was the start of something great.  Apparently, my articles had an “audience”.  It was just a handful of people, but hey! I was helping people! 

So, yes, I started Joomla & More by accident.  And now, 11 months later, I can call it a modest ‘succes’. Since I rebranded the blog to ‘Joomla and More’, the results were spectacular. 

Fun Facts

  • We passed the 10,000 visit mark in July (we had passed the 2,000 mark in February).
  • In October 2009, the first month of ‘Joomla and More’, we had 279 visits.  In July, our best month so far, we had 2,157.  So, more people visited Joomla & More in July than in the first 5 months!
  • Our average of visits / day climbed from 4 (October to February) to 45 (March to July).  We averaged 70 visits / day in June and July!
  • Our “Record Day” is the 26th of July, with 111 visitors. 

What does it mean?

Of course, those statistics are puny compared to the stats of “Professional bloggers” but I like to believe that I’m doing well (enough) for a glorified notebook.  I’m just glad to see that the articles we decided to share with the world are being usefull to people.  In the Open Source spirit (Okay, the More part of this blog is mainly about ‘commercial’ products’) of this blog, I believe that it’s good to share your knowledge with others who could have a need for it. 

The future

what will the future bring?  I could start lying about how we’ll update more often, or how we’ll implement awesome new features.  Fact is, that we’re comfortable with how things are.  So we’ll keep on sharing Joomla (and other) solutions, we’ll keep reviewing products that are of great use to us and we’ll share our successes and our failures.  Okay, maybe not the failures.  Got to mind our reputation, right?  😉

Got a comment on Joomla & More?  Leave a reply, in celebration of the 10,000 event! 

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