Where do I find my Outlook .pst file?

This question came up today, when helping a buddy of mine find a free back-up solution.  The reason he wanted to know is that he wanted to make a back-up of his important files; and he wanted to include his .pst file. 

This was a smart move, because of two reasons:

  1. He depends on e-mails alot
  2. His company doesn’t have an Exchange server.  When his .PST file is shot, he’d be in trouble. 

If you’re in his situation, it might be a smart move to back-up your PST file as well.  But that’s completely up to you.   In case you’re interested, stay tuned at Joomla & More because in a follow-up post we’re going to discuss free back-up tool that includes the option to back-up your .PST file. 

But enough of the chit chat! 

How to find your .PST file

I learned  this trick from Leo Notenboom, who answers computer related questions on his blog / site. 

Instead of using Windows Search, just follow this super easy guide. 

1.  Open Outlook.

2.  Open the folder view, and right-click the ‘main folder’ of the Mail Account of which you want to find the PST file.  For example; the ‘joomlaandmore’ folder. 



3.  Click the last menu item, Settings for ‘whatever your account name might be’. 

4.  The properties window will appear.  Click the ‘Advanced’ button on the bottom. 

5.  In the new window, you’ll see ‘File name’.  This is the location of your .PST file! 

I hope you found this tutorial useful.  I configured Outlook just for you, peeps.  I’m more of a thunderbird man myself.  😉

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