Windows Live Essentials 2011 requires SP2


At some point in my blogging career, I had created one blog too many.  It was no longer convenient to update my / Blogger blogs by logging in and writing my posts in the back-end.  So, I started to look for a solution, and I found a “fix” in Windows Live Essentials.

I quickly fell in love with Windows Live Writer.  It’s the best blogging tool out there.  Compatible with WordPress(.com), Blogger, Typepad, Sharepoint(!) and Joomla(!!!) it’s hard to find blog software that isn’t compatible with WLW.  It allowed me to update my blogs from a easy to use program.  What more could I want? 

Of course, there are other programs in the WLE package that are interesting.  Windows Live Messenger, for example, or Windows Live Mail – a free e-mail client which works great with the “big” e-mail providers out there. 

So, when Windows Live Essentials 2011 came out, of course I had to try it.  I first installed it at work; which went smoothly.  All my settings (and, most importantly all configured blogs) were still there.  But back at home, I was less lucky.

As it turns out, Windows Live Essentials is a picky eater.  The software requires you to run Windows Vista with SP2 – anything else isn’t good enough.  Of course, Windows 7 is supported as well.  On top of that, Windows Vista users must download an updated “platform”. 

So you’ve been warned.  If you’re planning to install Windows Live Essentials (remember: best blogging tool on the block!) make sure your OS is up to date. 

  • Running Windows 7?  You’re set.
  • Running Windows Vista?  Make sure that those service packs are installed!
  • Windows XP?  I guess you’re out of luck.  There’s no support for this – let’s admit it – outdated OS.  But you’re still free to use the “old” version of Live Essentials. Hey, live goes on.  Technology advances.  Get with it Knipogende emoticon

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