Why Artorbit isn’t right for you

When building a Joomla! website, many people add an image rotator on their page; displaying some nice images that are related to their website.  While you don’t have to overdo it, it’s always a “fresh” touch that breaks the static feel most websites have.

It’s hard to say what Image Rotator is right for you, because there are many good image rotators in Joomla!  It all depends on which features you want.  If you want something simple, you could try Simple Image Rotator by Joomlaworks.  If you’re looking for more bells and whistles, Rokslideshow might be for you.  There’s tons of other modules that do the same.

In this specific post, I want to do quite the opposite.  I want to warn you of an Image Rotator you’ll probably want to stay away from:  Artorbit.  I had the “pleasure” to work with it today, and I had more than one issue with the module.

  • for some reason, all images are loaded at once.  That makes zero sense.  So, when your images have different sizes, you get a ridiculous result.


Arbit in Action... Oh lawd!



  • The module didn’t load in Chrome, Opera or Safari.  When you look at your source code, you can see that the images should be visible (all at once) but they’re not.  Adblocker issue?  Don’t think so, as the Google Ads on the same page worked fine… and Firefox, the one browser I use an adblocker on, did show the flawed module.
  • The image transitions took forever when testing.  The speed is also different between browsers (Note:  I just checked back and the speed has now increased significantly.)

Overall, I recommend you to steer clear from this module.  It’s not worth the hassle – and even when things seem to be working for you, there might be problems on the user end.  Which, if you didn’t realize yet, is the WORST side to have problems on Knipogende emoticon

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