A Joomla! poem

When I start my computer, that can take a while.  So this morning, I started to write a Joomla! poem. Not the greatest poem ever written, far from.  But I decided to post it anyway, to break the chain of “problem solving” a bit.  Please, when you laugh and piss your pants because it’s poorly written, don’t send me the invoice for dry-cleaning.  I warned you!  Here we go…

One day my boss asked me polite

Would you please build this man here a site?

‘t was something I had never ever done,

so I figured the chance of success was almost none. 

My boss said:  I heard about these Joomla!  things,

maybe that’ll give you wings? 

A whole new world was opened for me,

using Joomla! is just great, you see!

Components, modules, templates and more,

no more of that HTML bore!

Three years later I know Joomla! is great,

Worlds best CMS, there’s no debate!

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