Twitter changes sign-up, all steps skippable

A few moments ago, while creating a new Twitter account, I’ve noticed a difference to the account creation process.  Yes, I’ve created enough accounts to notice the differences in their sign-up process. No, you can’t know about all of them.

Anyway, the change they’ve made eliminated my main pet peeve with registering an account (yes, I’ve created accounts to the point where things in the registration process annoyed me). Other than the registration of your e-mail / account / password, all steps are now skippable.

You’re now no longer forced to pick people to follow, and deselecting the people Twitter suggests is as simple as clicking a button. That is, if you don’t want to use the “Skip this step” button instead.

It’s a welcome change to the registration process, which will make it easier for people to sign up an account.

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