AkeebaBackup’s WordPress plug-in now installed 20,000+ times

Joomla! users were already familiar with household name AkeebaBackup and their flagship product, Akeeba Backup. The extremely popular component for easily creating back-ups of Joomla! websites is installed on most of the Joomla websites in the live – which isn’t a surprise given it’s ease of use, reliabillity and the fact that if you don’t make regular back-ups of your site you should start doing so yesterday.

AkeebaBackup’s developer is never afraid of a challenge, though. And one day, he mentioned on Twitter that someone technically “challenged” him to create a WordPress version of his popular component.

The “impossible” was done, and now WordPress users can use the back-up component which the Joomla! users have been using for many years. With a nearly identical set of features, and both a free and a premium version, it’s now growing it’s market share amonst the WordPress users.

Of course, it’s not as omnipresent as it is in the JoomlaSphere yet, but with WordPress’ plug-in installer (similar to Install from Web in Joomla) reporting 20,000 versions of the core version, it’s safe to say that AkeebaBackup is also building itself a strong reputation in the world of the popular CMS / Blogging platform. Congratulation, AkeebaBackup!

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