Tip: Add your greeting to your signature.

A while ago, I had to recreate my e-mail signature (ah, the smell of fresh mailboxes in the morning) and I figured I could just add a greeting to the signature as well.

I can’t say if other people do this as well,  but there are plenty of advantages of adding your “Kind Regards” , “Ah-ah-ah-ah Stay Alive” or other greetings to your signature – be it for professional or personal use.

  • You save time: You don’t need to type the greeting. You don’t need to think about what greeting you’re going to write.
  • Those greetings are proper netiquette, which you’ll never need to worry about again.
  • Should you ever be in a foul mood, thinking “I’m not going to wish him the best, that evil evil person!”… Well, the greeting is already there. Are you really going to bother deleting that greeting out of spite?

Automatically adding your greeting differs from mail client to mail client. But when you’re setting up your signature, consider adding that greeting.

Kind Regards,

Steven Zeegers
Author of Blog Posts

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