The Thursday Hosting theory

The Thursday Hosting Theory was shared with me by Nikos D. , a Greek developer who seems to have the answer to all questions.  He shared his theory with me on a clouded thursday, when I tweeted that, for some magical reason, my website which had been extremely slow was now performing better.  Better, not good.  I was almost ready to give the hosting company a second chance.

That is, until Nikos D. pointed something out.  He explained to me that, for reasons that I’ve forgotten, the “thursday night” is the moment in the week in which the “internet activity” seems to be at it’s lowest.  During that magical evening, even pretty crappy hosting companies will perform (a bit) better.

“Nonsense!” I said.  “That’s just silly.”

But Nikos D. has the facts at it’s side.  The very next day, the performance of my website was terrible again.  It was pretty much unusable (except the Cpanel, go figure).  Until I visited the site again, on a thursday night.  And again, the site was performing “good” (which is relative).  I monitored the site for another week, and saw the same.  Terrible performance from friday until wednesday.  And on thursday, the website worked well enough.  I’ve been trying this for a few weeks now, and I can come to only one conclusion.

Nikos D. was right.  There’s something magical about the thursday evening.  Have the Xbox addicted kids got more homework on a Thursday?  Do people send fewer e-mails?  Are spammers having a day off?  I don’t know.  All I know, is that the “Thursday Hosting Theory” has been proven to be true.

I usually try to add some sort of lesson or conclusion to my posts.  I guess that the lesson here is:  Kids, if you’ve got crappy hosting, don’t think the problems are “solved” when all seems to be working fine on a Thursday night.  Run away, leave everything behind and flee to a better hosting company.  The theory is more than a theory… it’s a fact.

Do you think you’ve got scientific evidence to debunk this thread?  Do you have a proper explanation for this strange phenomenon?  Or do you just want to rant about how poor your website performs at your €40 a year hosting company?  Leave a comment.  It’s a Thursday Night, so the comment function should work extra well.

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