The hills are alive with the sound of EDM

In our new section “Just Tech Things” we’ll be sharing the funny, sad, depressing, frustrating or just interesting “Tech Things” that happen in our daily lives. With this new section, we’re going back to our roots when Joomla & More was a personal venting place which happened to be about technology.

Friday morning in the office. I’m about to start cracking down on work, but I’m missing something. I need my music. So I go to Youtube, find a mix I like, and play it. Headphones on, of course. Everyone has a different taste in music, after all. Plus, it’s a nice excuse for not having to listen to the nagging of some / all people, right?

Anyway, the music is playing. But I don’t hear anything. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

So I decide to check if my headphones are plugged in or not. Being considerate (again), I turn the volume of my music all the way off. Not everyone can handle the bass in the morning.

Well, that didn’t quite turn out the way I planned it. As soon as I remove the headphone jack (it’s a fancy pink headset, by the way) the music starts thundering through the room. VERY LOUDLY. As in, “everyone heard it” loud.

Today, I learned two things about the volume control of my iMac:

  • Apparently, my beloved iMac has separate volume settings for different output (headphones vs built-in speakers)
  • You can’t change those volume settings at the same time.

Soon after I discovered the source of my music-free start of the day. I had plugged in the speaker jack instead of the audio jack.  Not a good day to work on cables on the likes, right?

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