How to set the currency of all Eurozone countries to EURO in Prestashop

If you are using Prestashop, you’re likely using many of it’s powerful features. One of them is the multi-currency option, where you can display prices in the currency of your customer.

If you’re planning to show prices in EURO to people of Eurozone countries, we’ve got a MySQL command for you that you can run. Free of charge!

Before you run this code, please make sure of the following:

  • You’ve got the euro installed as a currency. This can easily be done by installing the localization data of one of the eurozone countries, E.G Belgium. Just installing the currency will suffice.
  • You’ve made a note of the ID for the EURO currency in your store.
  • You have enabled geolocation for your store

Once you’ve made note of the ID of the currency, you can run the following command in MySQL (assuming you use the default database prefix):

UPDATE ps_country SET id_currency = 1 where iso_code in ('AT','BE','CY','EE','FI','FR','DE','GR','IE','IT','LV',

It’s important to replace the ‘1’ after SET ‘id_currency’ with whatever the currency is for your store!

When running this command, 18 rows will be affected, setting the default currency for these countries to Euro.

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