Solving the juser::_load: Unable to load user with id:xx error

Did you ever see the above error? The error “juser::_load: Unable to load user with id:42” happens when a component is looking for an user that no longer exists. It doesn’t prevent the component from working, but the error message is “ugly” and “scary” nonetheless.

If you are familiar with MySQL you can easily solve this problem. Alternatively, you could solve this problem the longer (but more approachable) way.

The error

The problem is that the page you’re visiting is having a problem with finding the user who created it. This could be the author of an item in Zoo, K2, a Joomla article…

The solution is to change the author of this article, by using the “fast” or the “long” route.

The fast route

1. Take a look at the Joomla User Manager, and look for the user with the ID that’s mentioned in the error. Can’t find him / her? That’s your problem, right there.

2. Find the correct database table:  Granted, if you don’t know what you’re doing this could be “not so fast”, but if you’re familiar with MySQL you should have no problem finding the table the item could be stored in. Look for the column that contains the User ID; the column will usually be called “created_by” or something similar

3. Create and execute a query, to update the ID to a different (existing) idea. Your query should look something like this:

[code language=”sql”]update name_of_table
set created_by=63
where created_by=62[/code]

Replace name_of_table with the table you need to update, and replace 63 and 62 by the ID’s that apply to your website.

The long route

If you’re not comfortable with MySQL there is another thing you can try.

1. Open the items that are giving you trouble
2. Save them without editing anything

For most items, this should solve the problem as the user ID of another user will now be used. Simple, right? So ,why not recommend this option instead?
Because it takes a long, long time if you need to update a lot of items!

I hope this short tutorial helps. As always, leave a comment if the guide was useful or if there was something you didn’t fully understand.

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  1. Thanks for the update and solution on this Steve. It’s one of those annoying thing that just happens and you don’t have the time to fix it.

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