Solving a “jtablesession:: store failed” error

Is there a better way to start the week than with a nasty Joomla! error?  Don’t answer that question, it was rhetorical. 

I started this week by doing some maintenance of our own sites, when I was greeted by the following Joomla! error: Jtablesession:: store failed. 

This error is a serious one, as it’ll prevent anyone from visiting your website.  So it’s rather important that you tackle this problem straight away.  Here’s how I managed to solve the problem.  It’s rather simple, really, if you’ve got access to PHPMyadmin

How it’s done

I’m going to assume that you’ve got access to PHPMyadmin.  If not, the steps might be completely different for you.  Anyhow, moving on…

1.  Go to your database in PHPMyAdmin.

2. Open the table that’s giving you a headache, xxx_session.  Where xxx stands for your database prefix, usually jos.

3.  Go to “Operations”.  Once on the operations page, click “repair table” under “Table Maintenance.”

Your rogue table will now be fixed, and in most cases you’ll see that your problem is solved when you try visiting your website again.

4 thoughts on “Solving a “jtablesession:: store failed” error”

  1. I had this problem and delete and create the table and joomla works… but, i could n’t login on back and front end…

    Review a lots of forums and post… and i could n’t login…

    Then i check the table jos_session and 2 fields were in UPPERCASE, i mean, TIME and DATA fields from this table must be on lowercase…

    i change this two fields to lower (time, data) and i could login on all my joomla…

    thats was my solution.

  2. Thank you this is a great information, i have the same error, i did what you said above and it’s working with me fine, and my web now is fine. but i want to know whay this happened?? Specially becuase it’s happened with me in 6 websites in the sametime, is this hacking from someone or there are something wronge in the server?


  3. hello my friend
    i do all the steps but db doesnt respond
    specifically when i click “repair table” under “Table Maintenance” it loading and loading all the time and the site didnt respond..
    also i make a backup and try to drop the table ‘xxx_session` and create the table again but nothing again.
    finaly my host tell me 2 days now that i has exceeded its mysql quota of 50mb.
    they warning me that


    Your account is currently over its allocated MySQL Quota.

    All free accounts have a 50mb mysql quota.
    You can see on the left bar your MySQL disk usage.

    Currently you will NOT be able to insert new rows into your MySQL database or UPDATE rows in your database(s), untill your total mysql size is reduced

    You will need to remove unused content / data from your MySQL databases / tables to regain control of your MySQL databases.

    any help? :/ I am very troubled
    however, thanks

    1. Hello Stefanis,

      I’m afraid it sounds like you’ve reached the max. size of your database; you’ll have to discuss with your hosting company how to resolve this (or move your site elsewhere). Otherwise, I’m not sure you’ll be able to rebuild the database at all.

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