Remote desktop to your SBS Server? Use “Companyweb”

If you’ve got a well configured SBS Server, it’s possible you don’t access that server all that often. And if you don’t make changes on your network in general, it’s easy to forget information about that server like its IP address or it’s DNS name.

When, at some point need to access that server quickly, and you don’t remember the IP or DNS name you could of course look it up. Or you could use this “lazy trick” I recently started using.

Use Companyweb

Instead of wasting valuable time looking up either the IP address or the DNS name, just open Remote Desktop.

In the field for the host name or IP, type “Companyweb” and proceed as usual. You’ll connect to your SBS Server and you didn’t have to look up anything. Easy!

Some alternative tips are:

  • Choose sane host names that are easy to remember (I frequently drop the ball on this one, in my quest for “cool server names”)
  • If the damage of Win2011SQLServer2013Prod.contoso.local and SBS2011-HP550.contoso.local is already done, open your DNS management tool, and assign a simple, secondary name to both servers, like “sqlserver-production” and “sbs-server”. That’ll make your life easier.
  • Bury your desk(top) with all information you might ever need. (But seriously, don’t.)

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