Can’t edit backend users? Installed AdminTools? Try this.

If you have installed AdminTools recently, it’s possible that you run into an error when editing users. When you want to edit a user with back-end permissions – like a Super Administrator, Administrator… – you can’t edit their properties. Instead, you are greeted by the error below:


How does AdminTools come into play? You’ve probably activated a feature of the Web Application Firewall,  by saving the default settings – which come highly recommended. The fact that you can’t log in now, isn’t a bug – it’s a security feature!

If you want to disable this feature temporarely to make changes to a “back-end” user, you can follow the next steps.

How to disable it

  1. Go to Components > AdminTools
  2. Open the Web Application Firewall” under Security
  3. In the WAF screen, click “WAF Configuration”.
  4. You are now presented a series of options. Look for the option in the screenshot below:
Set "Disable Editing backend users properties" to yes.
Set the option to “Yes”

If you set “Disable editing back-end users properties” to “No” and save the configuration, you’ll be able to make those changes again.

We highly recommend to undo this change later.