Red Riding Hood needs your help to take on Woolfe

Who doesn’t know the tale of Red Riding Hood? Young girl walks through the forest to visit grandma, nearly gets eaten by Woolfe, the end.

But according to Grin, a Belgian indie developer, there’s a darker side to Red that you didn’t know. In Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries, they tell the story of Red taking on her arch enemy, Woolfe. Woolfe is a platform game, which mixes platforming with combo-based combat, puzzles and stunning environments. 

The game has got an unique, dark visual style. Red Riding Hood isn’t just a weak damsel in distress – she takes on her twisted enemies heads on with the help of an axe.

As strong as Red might be, she still needs some help. Her creators have started a Kickstart project, which would allow them to add new features to the game – like a magic system, customizable enemies and much more.

Or, in the words of Red herself: She needs our help so she doesn’t need to sell her soul to the wicked witch of the woods.

Woolfe is coming to PC (and Xbox) in 2015, and with our help these Belgian game developers can make the game even better.

The Kickstarter Project: Click here to support Red in her battle

Game Trailer (as shown on E3 by Microsoft

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