Comments on old(er) posts now closed.

When I open my mailbox, and see that someone commented on one of the articles on this blog, I’m always honored that someone took the time to comment. Lately, however, my inbox is stuffed by spammers who are trying very hard to promote the latest unbelievable deals on Nike shoes – which for some reason aren’t picked up by Askimet.

I noticed that most of them spam older blog posts, and since people rarely comment on older blog posts, I’ve decided to close the comments on all older articles.

Going forward, the comments on each post will be closed after 21 days. You can still send us a message on Twitter (or make a Subreddit for us, if you’re into that – we’d totally subscribe) or contact us by other means. This will happen automatically.

Given the circumstances, it’s the smart thing to do. Be reassured that I still believe in helping people, open discussions and sparking debates – you’ll just have to be a bit faster to do either now.

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