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Just moment ago, I was visiting a blog / site of mine, and I was thinking: “Geeh, wouldn’t it be easier if I could just publish items from the front page?” Indeed, it would be.  I did a quick Google Search, and people seemed to agree with me.  Don’t let the “explanations” you might have found online fool you, friends. It’s really easy to accomplish.

Submit K2 items from the front page – how?

Like I said, it’s really simple.  You don’t need to install anything. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to your administrator panel.
  2. Go to “Extensions > Module Manager”
  3. Find and enable the “K2 login” module.  You find it in the modules list (try using “Search”), or add it by clicking “New” in the module manager screen and selecting K2 Login
  4. Place it in a module position of your choice. E.G mine is right below the good old “User Menu”.
  5. I suggest setting the Access level to “Special”.  That way, the menu only appears when an Author (or higher) is logged in.
  6. Now, you’ll need to give users permission to submit / edit on the front page.  Go to “Components > K2” and click “User groups”.  Click the group that will submit items from the front page, and make sure “frontend item editing” is set to yes.  Set the other settings as you see fit.
  7. Time for some testing!  Go to the front page, and log in.  You’ll now see the K2 Login menu, as seen below.  See the “Add Item” link?  That means it worked!


See the Add item link?
See the add item link? Add those K2 items!



Keep on posting in a K2 world!


16 thoughts on “Publish K2 items from the front page”

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  2. I’m using K2 in joomla 1.7, for some reason even the super user is not allowed access to the folders, making it impossible to add an image in the content without using the image tab. Any Ideas

      1. I don’t what to use the image tab next to the content tab, I basically want to manually add an image in the the content, using the ‘image’ button at the bottom of the editor, when I click it pops up but in french it’s that I am not authorised access

  3. Steven, I have the login module setup, front end publishing granted, you can bring up the add new item form, enter data, but when you hit save I get a 404 page not found error. Is there a setting to specify the successful add redirect?

  4. Hi

    Is there a way to show the “add new item” under the “User Menu”



  5. No matter what I do the Add New link does not appear. In Joomla 1.7, I tried both the Login module and the new User module. I am a super user and the Front End dtiting is set to Yes. The Edit icon appears but Add New button does not. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hey,

      If I remember correctly you’ll still have to add yourself to the user group in K2 with front end editing permissions. Then you’ll be able to post from the front end. Strange, I know!

  6. Hi I’m having a lot of bother trying to do a simple task in joomla 1.7.3 using the k2 extension, We have recently got our website updated and although it looks good we were left to work out how to maintain it ourselfs. I have up until now worked most things out, but this has me stuck – I want to create a module called “upcoming shows” which I did, and I want to place an article/Item that I have for this module into it (under were it says ‘upcoming shows’), but I can not seem to find how to do this, in the old version this was so simple to do! I have a section called ‘Featured’ and I can select items to appear beneath it as there is a feature button on the menu, but with this I am truely stumped!! any help would be wonderful!!!

  7. I am in the group with front end editing. I can edit existing items from front end, just “Add new item” link is missing. Is there a special group in need to be member of? I imported Joomla groups/users into K2

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