Problem with your .htacces on Hetzner in Admintools 3.6.5 ?

Update: After checking on a semi-new installation we noticed that the conflicting option isn’t enabled by default. The article below is still interesting if you foolishly set all options to “yes” like I did.

If you’re a customer of Hetzner, and you’re using the latest version of Admintools you might have run into a slight problem when using the htaccess maker. Not because there’s something wrong with the wonderful piece of software thta makes our lives easier and our sites more secure, but because new features have been added recently.

And one of these features just so happens to be incompatible with your server setup at Hetzner.

The conflicting option can be found under “Optimization and Utility” and is labeled “Disable http methods TRACE and TRACK”. Enabling this option and saving the htaccess file will likely “break” your site – which is easily fixed since all you need to do is delete the .htaccess file, set the option to “No” and save the file again.

Enabling this option could be done by installing a new version and using the .htaccess maker for the first time. If you’ve installed the latest version of Admintools (and if you’re running a Joomla site, why haven’t you done this yet?) and run the .htaccess maker make sure to double-check if this option is disabled.

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