Prestashop, Multi-language and the “unknown order/1/r/”

Getting an Ogone component to work is always a PITA. In my recent “Things that frustrate me” list it’s probably in my top 3. What makes it all worse, is that it’s so very easy to break your Ogone integration.

Case in point: A client told me that, after for a long time, his Ogone integration suddenly stopped working. It was showing a cryptic error message instead of processing the sale. (Seriously, people, just tell us what’s wrong so we can fix it…)

Unknown order /1/r/ . Almost as usefull as a Microsoft error.


The error above means that there’s a problem with the URL for the “order page” you’ve provided in Ogone’s (PITA) panel. 

As it turns out, enabling a second language in Prestashop is enough to trigger this. When you enable a language, the URL’s change and Ogone, unable to deal with change, refuses to play nice unless you add the proper URL.

Unfortunately, it isn’t documented very well what URL you should add at this point. Until I wrote this blog post, I suppose.

What to do

1.  Open your Ogone account.



2.  In Technical Configuration, open the “Data and origin verification” Tab.

3. In the first field, enter the new URL. The URL should look like this:

For example, if your site is and you want to use English and Spanish, you’d enter the following:;

Save your settings, and try making a payment in Prestashop. You will see that the error is gone and that your payment can now go through!

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