Outlook keeps asking for credentials

Yesterday, a strange phenomenon popped up on several computers across our companies’ domain.  Outlook 2007 started to ask for credentials; on computers that are connected to the Windows domain – and thus; provide credentials automatically.  The same happened to a single Mac using Thunderbird that makes an IMAP connection to our Exchange server, but who pays attention to Macs anyway? (Kidding, obviously).

It turned out that “a windows update” did “some things” to “some components” that made “some parts” of Exchange 2007 misbehave.  Forgive me for being vague; I skimmed over the exact problem. After all, I was looking for the fix.

Anyway, the solution for this problem was simple:  Installing Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2.

But wait!  Which version of Exchange 2007, Service Pack 2 are you supposed to install?  Of course, you’ll get an error when you’re trying to install the wrong one.  But are you willing to download 900mb twice; because you downloaded the wrong one?

Don’t ponder on this like I did.  Microsoft only officially sells and supports a 64-bit version of  Exchange 2007.  The 32-bit version can only be used by their partners, in test environments.  So if you’ve got a retail copy of Exchange 2007, you’ll need the second download. 

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