How to: Install Exchange SP2 on a SBS 2008 Server

Are you considering installing Exchange 2007 service pack 2, on your SBS 2008 server?  Apparently, you can’t just download the Service Pack and start installing it; as SBS 2008 doesn’t “officially support” it.  That would usually mean that you’d have to use a painfull, manual workaround. But the Microsoft SBS team has released a tool that will help you with the installation of Service Pack 2. 

  1. Start by downloading Exchange 2007, Service Pack 2.  Take your time, it’s a 900mb download.  In case you’re wondering:  You need the 64-bit version. 
  2. Download the Installer tool that’s provided by Microsoft. 
  3. “Run” Service Pack 2; which will extract the files you’ll need.  Don’t click setup afterwards! 
  4. Instead, install the Installer tool.  Once it’s installed it’ll run automatically.  In case you get distracted like me, you’ll find it under “Small Business Server Tools”.
  5. Select the folder where the Service Pack is extracted. 
  6. The Installer Tool will take care of the installation.  Don’t forget to tell everyone that the Exchange server won’t be reachable during the upgrade!

Hope this helps! 

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