Outlook 2011 search disappointing? Try Office365’s OWA.


Using the search of OWA will yield better results.
Using the search of OWA will yield better results.

When you’re a Mac user with an Office365 subscription, I’m sure you’re already enjoying Office 2011 on your machine. While not quite the same experience as Office 2013 (which is slicker and has a better UI), you can get things done.

One thing which isn’t easy to “get done”, however, is searching for e-mails. For me, Outlook 2011 is lacking in that department. When searching for a mail in Outlook 2013 (in Windows) it’s a million times easier to find the mail I want, than in the Mac counterpart. The search function isn’t exactly fantastic.

But there’s a quick way to get the “full” search experience: Simply login to “OWA”. Outlook Web Access on Office365 is nothing like the clumsy online mail client you’ll remember (or don’t). It’s a smooth, feature rich mail client – with better search than Outlook 2011. So if you’re looking for an e-mail and Outlook 2011 is refusing to cooperate – fire up OWA and get the job done.

OWA can be found when logging into Office365 and clicking “Outlook” or by going to http://outlook.office365.com

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