Elasticemail export fails? Try this simple trick.



Last week, I was busy updating the mailing list of an important client. Being the “shortcuts” guy I am, I was planning to mass-unsubscribe a few hundred users in Acymailing, in only a few steps.

To do that, I needed to export the blocked users from Elasticemail, which is a service for sending e-mails. But as I tried to export the list, I ended up in zip-hell. When I unzipped the zip-file on my Mac, it contained another zip-file. Which contained another zip-file. Repeat until infinity.

If you’re stuck in this “loop” as well, the solution is as simple as just  choosing not to use zip compression. When you’re prompted to choose the file format, uncheck USE ZIP COMPRESSION, then click Export. The file isn’t significantly bigger, and more important, can now actually be opened and used!

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