One charger to rule them all (and replace that $40 Apple charger)

I’ve been travelling the past two weeks. And, as you’d expect of a geek like me I had some devices that I needed to charge. My iPad (because who reads paper books?), my smart phone and my iPod. Of course that means you’ve got to pack your charge with you. In Apple’s ideal world, that means you grab their overpriced charger and take it with you, risking to ruin a $40 piece of plastic on a camping trip.

But I came prepared, because I had bought an universal charger some time ago. I don’t really remember what I paid for it. If I had to guess, somewhere under fifteen dollars.

The charger I bought, is a charger by Aukey that’s pretty neat. It comes with four USB ports: two for “regular” charging, for devices like your smart phone, the iPods of this world or other less demanding devices. Two other of the ports are “high powered” ports, which makes them suitable for charging the iPad – or charging other devices significantly faster, if that’s how you roll.

I was going to drop a promotional link in this post, but apparently the charger I bought isn’t available anymore. Aukey has upgraded his offering, and you can now buy a charger with five ports. Exciting, I know.

If you’re looking for a charger for your Apple, Android- or other device, take a look at the charger (depicted below). It’ll cover all the needs of your power hungry devices – if you bring the right cables, of course – and it’s quite cheap. They’re now running a promotion where you can buy one for $10

One charger to rule them all. If there's five of them, at least. (Also comes in white).
One charger to rule them all. If there’s five of them, at least. (Also comes in white).

Does that sound like something you’re interested in? Then don’t hesitate and pick up one of them – or, go crazy and buy two of them so you don’t have to fight with your significant other over where your Apple charger went.

You can buy the charger on or on

3 thoughts on “One charger to rule them all (and replace that $40 Apple charger)”

  1. I have paid less than €9 for smaller universal and white charger on Second reading books on iPad really? In sunny day outside in park. Kindle or other eBook reader with e-ink screen. Besides there are many others shops than amazon which is camp for workers.

    1. For the sake of “engaging consumers”, I’d like to point out that:

      * Congratulations, you bought a different product for a different prize. Yay Capitalism!
      * Thank you for your criticism of my preferred reading platform. I see the error in my ways now.
      * You’re compplaining about ethhical shopping, but you prefer a site that’s affiliated with “MadeInChina.” I don’t see how that’s any different or how that gives them the moral higher ground, but I guess I’m wrong on this – again.

      Thank you for your invaluable feedback on my article.

  2. Right now almost all stuff is from China. It’s sad that USA factories do not provide these products.
    About Amazon people in Poland got €500 salary after month of work.

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