Joomla add-on: Sourcerer

I thought it’d be interesting to share my experiences with the Joomla Add-ons I’ve been using.  Let this post be a first of many. 

Last week, I had to find a way to integrate code (PHP and / or Javascript) into Joomla articles.  The alternative was to tell a customer that he couldn’t compare a 20,000 $ site, built from scratch, with the 1,500 $ CMS based project he had ordered.  Customers… you can’t live with them, but can’t live without their money, right?

Anyway, I had to sort this out.  So I tested a hand full of Joomla plug-ins, before I found the solution:  a plug-in, named “Sourcerer”. 

Sourcerer allows you to add code to your articles by adding functionality to your editor (any Joomla editor will do).  Using Sourcerer, you add your code in the article, which will then be executed when someone reads the article (or, in most cases, performs an action on that article). 

I tested this plug-in for both PHP and Javascript and was content to see that Sourcerer actually works.  I did, however, experience a problem.  The Sourcerer window you can open often refused to respond to my furious clicking of the “Insert” button.  Which, as you’ll understand, made the Sourcerer window useless.  The solution was to just use {source}{/source}tags, but still.

Conclusion:  Sourcerer is an interesting plug-in, for those who want to do more with their articles.

My rating:  4 out of 5.

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