Minor changes to Joomla & More

After analyzing the website, we’ve decided to make two changes to the website, which are effective immediately.

  • Personal Contact information has been removed from the “About Me” Page: I’ve removed my personal Skype and e-mail address from the website.  I no longer have the time or interest to help people with support questions. We already provide plenty of DIY tutorials; if you have got a question related to one of them simply comment on it.
  • The Support Us page has been removed: Statistics don’t lie; the “Support us” page served no purpose so there was no point in letting it eat space in the menu.

2 thoughts on “Minor changes to Joomla & More”

  1. support pages or modules are unfortunately never used.
    this model can not work … sometimes i made a donation (not to you, if I remember well), but if I should give one dollar to each good article I would not eat at all .
    keep you blog as it is, very usefull.
    if i can translate one of your posts and link it to your blog I would be glad.

    1. Serge,

      I am glad to see that you find the blog useful.

      As for a “Support Page” never being used, I gave it a shot, it didn’t work out. I expected as much, but one can hope, right?

      If there’s an article you want to translate, let me know. I’ve no plans to translate any of them into French myself so feel free to do so… Just let me know which one you’re going to translate. 🙂

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