Installing SBS 2008? Check your disk size!

Today, I was confronted with one of the reasons why I originally revived this blog:  To create some sort of knowledge base, for things that I might easily forget.

I was installing Microsoft SBS 2008 (Small Business Server) because we’re migrating our old system.  During the installation, I ran into something that seriously annoyed me. 

One of the first steps was to create disk partitions and choose the partition to which I wanted to install the OS.  So, I created two partitions.  One partition was 50 GB big, the other one 150 GB.  More than enough space to start with; as we never used the full capacity of our old server who had way less disk space (approx. 150 GB in total). 

I thought that things were going well; until – after a few reboots – I was confronted with a window that told me that “my partition didn’t have enough disk space” and that I’d run into all kinds of problems.  With a grin on it’s face, the installer told me that “My partition had to be at least 60 GB or bigger.

It made me wonder if MS couldn’t tell that earlier.  Like, at the point where I was creating partitions?  Or is that too much to ask? 

So, fair warning for everyone else attempting to install SBS 2008:  Make sure your primary partition is bigger than 60GB.  It’ll save you lots of time. 

(Note:  I’m not sure if using a smaller partition would actually cause problems.  Last time I checked, SBS 2008 didn’t use the full capacity of the selected partition.  But better safe than sorry, right?)

2 thoughts on “Installing SBS 2008? Check your disk size!”

  1. if you had bothered to read the tech notes and sbs08 requirements before starting (like a competent IT Administrator) there wouldn’t have been a problem. better change your business card!

    1. I never said it wasn’t in the tech notes. I’m just pointing out that Microsoft could have warned me during the installation process.

      Also, keep in mind that insulting people our their territory isn’t generaly considered to be good form 🙂 I published your post, because I’m a good sport.

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