How to remove Articles in a joomla! article

Last week, I was working on a client website when my eye fell on something. Some articles had a heading which said “Articles”. If this happens to you, don’t bother looking for the solution inside Joomla.  There’s still a simple fix for this problem, though. Actually there is more than one way to fix it, I will just explain the solution that worked for me.

Using Language Overrides

If you do some research, you’ll discover that this “Articles” header only appears for articles which aren’t linked to a menu item. To remove this header, we’re going to use a built-in Joomla! option: the Language Overrides.  Here’s how it’s done.

1.  Go to your Joomla! back-end and log in.

2. Navigate to “Extensions > Language Manager”

3. Click the “Overrides” tab.

Screenshot 23

4. Click “New”.  A new screen opens.

5. In this new screen, write the following in the “Language Constant” field: JGLOBAL_ARTICLES

6. Leave the text field empty, and save the override.

As a result, the “Articles” will be stripped everywhere in your website, which solves your problem with the unwanted text!

32 thoughts on “How to remove Articles in a joomla! article”

  1. Hmmm…still using Joomla 1.7 for a bit longer and I don’t see language overrides listed anywhere. Is this a joomla 2.5 thing only?

    1. Language overrides have been available since Joomla 1.6 BUT the GUI manager for this was only introduced in Joomla 2.5. Without the gui you can manual create overrides in /language/overrides

    2. In verson 1.7 there is a folder overerides in the language folder.
      Just make a file called “en-GB.override.ini
      Within that file put the following text:

      save that file and you sould be ok

  2. Thanks, I was looking for a way to delete the “Articles”, I tried making a new menu & category and then assigning the article how one tutorial showed, but the text was still displayed for some reason.
    This has solved the problem for me!

  3. Awesome! Thanks Steven for posting this. It’s a much better solution than using the hidden menu.

    1. The “Hidden menu” option works, but I don’t think it’s convenient. What if you’ve got tons of articles not linked to a menu !? So yes, this is a better option 🙂

  4. Another solution is to use the joomla template override system:
    – copy the file \components\com_content\views\article\tmpl\default.php into \templates\**your template**\html\com_content\article\;
    – look for params->get(‘show_page_heading’, 1)) : ?> and change 1 to 0.

  5. Thank you Steven, the OVERRIDE is working for me. I tried ‘Menu’ or ‘Category’ none is working.
    This is the first time I use the OVERRIDE. Very powerful.

    Thank you again, I love Joomla Language Manager.

  6. I must have read 6 or 7 different “how to’s” before I came across this one. I kept looking because all of those other methods just seemed way to complex. I am so glad I kept looking because your method is so simple and works 100% – THANKYOU!

    1. Hey,

      Glad to hear it was useful to you. We always try to offer the simplest solution. Why make things complicated when people just needa solution? 😉

  7. Hi Steven,

    I don’t know what i’m missing but when i type in the words JGLOBAL_ARTICLES in the language constant i get an error it seems like i can’t leave the text field blank.

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