How to allow editors, authors and publishers into the Joomla 3 back-end

Joomla! is a great content management system, but when you limit your content creators to only using the front end, they might not agree with that. In order to let them use the Content component in the Joomla back-end to get a better overview of the available content, you need to make a small changes to the permissions in Joomla! 3. If you follow the steps below, authors, editors and publishers can log into the backend to create, edit and publish content.

Editing Global Permissions

  • In the menu, go to System > Global Configuration
  • Go to the Permissions tab, and set “Admin Login” to “allowed” for the groups you want to grant backend access. Once you save, the screen should look like the image below.
Set “Admin Login” to allowed, and save the settings.

Allowing backend access to the Content Manager

  • Go to Content > Article Manager, then click “Options” in the top right screen.
  • Go to the Permisisons tab, and set “Access Administration Interface” to allowed.
  • Save the settings


Authors, Publishers and Editors can now login to the backend. Worry not, they’ll only be able to access the Content Manager and perform their respective actions on the contents there.

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