Download all linked images or documents with Downthemall

Have you ever landed on a web page where you wanted to download a bunch of things, but just the mere thought of all the links made you stop in your tracks, and reconsider what you’re doing with your life? Maybe you wanted to download a bunch of PDF’s from a site, or a dozen images.

Downthemall is a Firefox plugin which makes it easy to do just that. This download helper scans a web page for things it can download, and then offers you the option to download them all in one click. The plugin can download images, linked documents, html pages and more.

Using DownThemAll is pretty simple. Go to the page, and click the button. Downthemall then asks you what type of documents you want to download. Click the “Go” button, and the plugin does the heavy lifting for you – all documents, images or linked pages it can access are downloaded to a folder you’ve set up.

Whether you’re a web professional who wants to copy a site faster, or a wallpaer afficionado who wants to download all wallpapers with one click, DownThemAll is a must-have plugin.

You can find DownThemAll by searching for “DownThemAll in Firefox’ extension search.

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