How to add your address to Hikashop Order mails

The past weeks, I’ve been working on an interesting website with quite a few integrations. One of the extensions I had to integrate, was Hikashop – an e-commerce extension for Joomla! that was new to me. While it works good – definitely tons better than the alternative we had – there were some things that I was missing out of the box. One of these things is the option to add your own address to the order mails Hikashop sends out to your clients.

Where I live, you’ve got to add your information to official business communication – and order mails are definitely part of that. To modify the mails Hikashop sends out to show the client address, I came up with the following solution.

How to do it: Language Overrides

To make changes to the mails Hikashop sends out, you’d have to edit the language files. I prefer using the override function for Joomla instead. So, how did I add the clients’ address to the order mail?

  • Log in at the back-end of your site.
  • Go to Extensions > Language Manager
  • Go to the “Overrides” tab
  • Use the filter to go to (Your Language* / Website) and click New
    * “Your Language” being the actual language you’re using…
  •  For Language Constant, enter: BEST_REGARDS_CUSTOMER

We are going to modify the “Greeting” displayed at the end of the mail. Usually it would say something like “Kind Regards, YourCompany”, but we are going to modify it to add the store address as well.

  • Text: Modify the greeting as you see fit, for example:

Kind Regards, <br />
%s <br />

When you save the Override, new outgoing mails will display the customized greeting – including the store address – instead of just the regular greeting. Problem solved!

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