Hosting From Hell: Deziweb

I will try to keep this post short and sweet: Avoid the reseller hosting of like a plague.

The reason is simple: My sites there are offline at least once a month, with problems that take the staff far too long to fix. I am starting to guess that either their hosting configuration is beyond terrible, or their staff is completely unfit for this business.

Not a month has gone by without problems. Their Reseller hosting is definitely not worth the money. I am “lucky” since I am not using their hosting for any clients, and nearly dodged the bullet of using their hosting for the clients of my employee. My boss is still mocking me whenever my own sites go down.

They might be “only my own sites” but I’d rather see those online than offline as well. I’m also tired of having to submit ticket after ticket. I have sent ten this year alone, if my administration is up to date.

They came highly recommended, but their Reseller hosting is just crap. They’re not suitable for any type of platform, it’s not just a Joomla! specific problem. Save yourself, and find another hosting company (preferably outside of the Netherlands. My experience with Dutch companies in general is just… bad.)

3 thoughts on “Hosting From Hell: Deziweb”

  1. Hello, I have used the same living in Brazil. Of course it is impossible to say that no one has a problem, especially when you transfer a lot of sites from one server to another. But their service is very good and fast. Usually they settle quickly. They are not the cheapest, but the fact that it is stable for Joomla and have softaculos isntalando and automatically updating the joomla is very handy. My uptime has been averaged 96%, quite acceptable, although say 99%. Perhaps by using europe uptime is better. My ping is 110ms in Brazil. All customers using Google Apps, which avoids lag with emails.
    It is a hint … http:// Viste and tell me what you think.

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  3. No problems here either. i am a webdesigner . I am using three VPS servers for all my websites 80+ ander there services are very good.

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