Guide to a hostile Joomla 1.6 take-over

Are you tired of being a Joomla administrator for all your life?  Do you loathe how these “Super Administrators” look down on you, from their ivory tower?  Who do they think they are, as if they’re untouchable!  So was I, until I was having a conversation with a fellow Admin in a bar.

“Don’t be silly, Admin,” someone told me.  “They ARE untouchable.  Resistance is futile.”
”One day,” I said.  “One day, I’ll over take the website of these punks and show them.”

“Suuuuuuure,” my buddy said. “Just wait until Joomla 1.6 comes out. They’ve got ACL in place, with which they can make our lifes even more of a hell.”

So he thought.  When Joomla 1.6 RC1 came out, I heard rumors.  Rumors of Admins taking control of the site, overthrowing the Super User dictatorship. “Super User”.  So I did some research.  And my plan was succefull.  My fellow Admins, I share with you:  the Ultimate Guide for  a Hostile Joomla 1.6 take-over.


  1. First, exploit a flaw in the “hierarchy” of Joomla 1.6.  This allows you to promote yourself to ‘Super User’. 

    How: In the backend, go to Users > User manager.  Select your own user, and click the “Super User” box, then save. As crazy as it might sound, this will work.

  2. Now, you’ve got to act quickly to eliminate the “Super Users”.  Don’t try taking them down one by one.  This takes too long.  Oh, and whatever some people tell you:  DON’T delete the Super User group.  You want to be in complete control after the revolution, my friend.  So, first create a ‘new’ group of leaders; which only those people worthy may join.  Then, join that group and invite your friends!How: Go to Users > Groups > New Group.  Give this new group a new name. Name it “Friends of the Super Users.”   Go back to Users > User Manager.  Add yourself to the group and remove yourself from “Super Users”.  Do the same for all your friends.

  3. Seize the power!  You’re one step away from domination.  The Super Users aren’t expecting anything. They’re flattered to see they’ve got at least one friend!  Now, empower yourself, and steal the weapons of the Super Users!How: Go to Site > Global Configuration > Permissions.  Select your group, “Friends of the Super Users.”, and set “Super Admin” to Allow.  In phase two, set “Super Admin” to ‘deny’ for the “Super Users”.

  4. You’ve got their weapons.  Now, it’s time to get rid of the evil overlords once and for all.  No more “Super Users”!  And while we’re at it, get rid of the Administrators as well!  Who can trust them? You know what they’re capable of!How: Go to “Groups” and select both the “Super Users” group and “Administrators” group.  Delete them.

You’re now victorious.  The next time those “Super Users” try to log in, they’ll see the following screen, indicating your victory.  Viva La Admin Revolucion!

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