Disconnect a blog from WordPress.com

If you are a Jetpack user you’ll probably connect your blog to WordPress.com at some point. After all, it’s a requirement to use some of the features. But what if it’s time to let go, and disconnect the blog from WordPress.com? The process is surprisingly simple.

If your blog is still running

1. Open the blog you want to disconnect. In the back-end, click “Jetpack” in the left menu.

2. In the top right of the Jetpack screen, look for the “Connected to WordPress.com button.” If you hover it, it’ll say “Disconnect from WordPress.com”. Click the button, and confirm you want to do so.

But I deleted my blog…

If you already deleted the blog you want to disconnect, there’s two options. The first one is asking the WordPress.com support staff to remove them for you. This might take some time.

The fast, DIY solution (powered by WordPress) is to… reinstall WordPress in the same location.

1. Install a copy of WordPress in the same location where the old one was installed. E.G if it was installed in www.mydomain.com/myblog you’ll want to install WordPress in that directory install.

2. After the famous rapid installation (even faster if you use something like Softelicious or Installatron) install Jetpack. This can be done from the Plugins page.

3. Open Jetpack, and click the “Connect to WordPress.com” button. Sounds weird? Sure, but it’ll work. Trust me. I’m from the internet.

4. If your blog is installed in the same location (see above) you’ll get a message, which says your blog is already connected to WordPress.com. When you get that message, hover the button in the top right button until it says “Disconnect from WordPress.com”. Click it.

Your phantom blog will now be disconnected from WordPress.com once and for all. Just don’t forget to delete the blog you just created afterwards.

This is one of our first ventures in the world of WordPress posts. We hope you’ll like it!

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