Dear SEO companies,

Lately I’m receiving quite a few e-mails about Joomla-and-more by SEO specialists. After they’ve evaluated my site (for free), they tell me my website is basically rubbish. It doesn’t appear in search engines, it doesn’t score for key words… and the list goes on.

I’ve just got one question

If my site is an SEO disaster, why am I receiving 99% of my traffic from search engines? That seems strange for a site which isn’t listed in search engines.

And how is it that people search for topics I actually cover on my blog? *gasp* might it be that my site is in better shape than you’d think?

But none of this matters.

I don’t need your services, because Joomla & More is a hobby for me. So what if the site is terrible; it seems to help a lot of people. But let’s assume that I was interested in optimizing this website. Do you think I’d hire a random stranger, that just told me your website sucks?

No. “Yes” wasn’t the right answer. So please, refrain from offering your services, as I’m planning to reboot

So, from now on…

If anyone mails me to offer their SEO services, I’m publicly posting it online. That’s what you agree with when you contact me. Your name and e-mail adres, on my website (don’t worry, it’s not optimized so you won’t likely profit from it.




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