Configuring htaccess maker on Siteground

If you are using Admintools in your Joomla installation (Good boy) you might run into a 500 error when generating an htaccess file. The culprit is the second to last option in the list, as is the case on the Managed Servers on Hetzner. Because history repeats itself, but we don’t (for SEO reasons) we are shamelessly referring to the article related to Hetzner.

So, if you freshly generated an htaccess file on your Joomla 3.5 installation on Siteground and everything is kaput, do the following:

  1. FTP to your site and delete the .htaccess file.
  2. Go back to Admintools (Components > Admintools)
  3. Open htaccess maker
  4. Follow the instructions in the article below.

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