Can’t translate something in YITH – Points and Rewards? Here’s how to fix it

WordPress is a great blogging tool. Probably the best in it’s class. But it doesn’t always shine when it comes to consistency for plug-in development. Which can lead to frustrating search missions like the one I just went on: Why on earth is the YITH Points and Rewards plugin refusing to translate “Apply Discount” to the value in the language files?

I looked up and down in LocoTranslate, looked through the language files of the plug-in, and never did it dawn on me that the plugin might just ignore these values all together. Or override them, I suppose, although the plugin doesn’t make it clear what exactly happens when you add values to it’s “Labels” tab.

As it turns out, values assigned to YITH labels override values in the language file. So stop looking in the translation file – here’s how to change the value of the labels that Yith Points and Rewards uses.

First of all, make sure you’re in your WordPress back-end.


Go to the configuration screen by heading to YITH > Points and Rewards. In the configuration screen you’ll see a tab named “Labels”.

Find the value which you just can’t translate, no matter what, and change the value for the label. Then, save your settings and head back to your website. You will now notice how the value can finally be replaced.

So what’s the deal with these labels? I don’t know, all I know for a fact is that a value here overrides anything you do in your translation files, including the ones in Loco Translate.

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